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Inner Kingdom Games (IKG) is an independent game company based in Austin, Texas.

IKG was started in 2009 by Daniel Griego with the acquisition of the collectable card game (CCG), Shadowfist. In order to make the game more accessible to new players, the game's format was changed from a CCG model (with random boosters) into a Dynamic Card Game (DCG) with non-random expansion packs.

The most recent expansion for Shadowfist is Year of the Goat

IKG's first foray into board games, Zombie Dash, was released in 2011.

Our Team

Daniel Griego, CEO

Daniel Griego


Owner and CEO of IKG, Daniel Griego incorporates his life-long love of games and action movies into each IKG project. He's hosted Shadowfist events around the world, including Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Daniel is an Army National Guardsman and lives in Austin with his wife Jessica and their two dogs.

Peter Trudell Jr, Art Director

Peter Trudell

Art Director

The Art Director since the company's inception, Peter Trudell has brought his personal vision to the Shadowfist artwork. In addition, he created the board game, Zombie Dash for IKG.

His site, Studio Entropie showcases his various creative skills. He lives in San Antonio with his lovely wife Sondra and their five cats.

Zombie Dash!

The Zombies have risen and they're hungry for your flesh! Thankfully the National Guard has been called in and are prepared to deliver you to safety.

All you have to do is make a dash to the end of town and reach the tanks before your zombie catches you!

Can you:

  • Outrun everyone to be the first to the finish line?
  • Outrun your zombie longer than anyone else?
  • Spare 10-15 minutes for a game?

If so, then you are prepared for a quick and fun game that's great for hanging out with friends, or enjoying Family Game Night!

As printed in the San Antonio Express-News!

Like Candy Land, but with animated corpses
By René A. Guzman
February 9, 2012 : Updated: February 12, 2012 4:33pm

AMC's hit horror drama “The Walking Dead” may be shambling back to television tonight, but it's the zombie horde on Peter Trudell's game board that really has him pumped.

That's because Trudell is the brain (go ahead and say it, braaaaaaain) behind Zombie Dash ($24.95), a fast-paced board game in which players outrun the undead and outlast their opponents.

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