What were some highlights of recent conventions?

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What were some highlights of recent conventions?

Postby Liu_Jian » Thu Aug 24, 2017 3:46 pm

For those of us who missed the butt-kicking action of the recent conventions, what plays and decks are worth talking about?
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Re: What were some highlights of recent conventions?

Postby CrazyCatTim » Fri Aug 25, 2017 6:28 am

I only went to Origins, but I can give my review of that convention. Origins has always been the only convention I've gone to, and I do a lot of Shadowfist there. We had a Classic and Modern tournament, and we ran three learn to play sessions. As a quick note of happiness, the learn to play sessions were all fairly well attended, and some people grabbed up some cards afterwards - I always like the prospect of new Secret Warriors.

The Classic tournament had six players in it, and the top three were all long-time Secret Warriors. Durwyn won with his fast and brutal Four Monarchs deck. It uses a combo of Mark of Fire - Blood Lust - Ice Blessings to generate a tonne of power very fast, and can routinely play Huan Ken on turn three as a result. It is very hard to stop if he draws the right cards. Representing Canadian Secret Warriors, Tim Linden came in second, and I honestly cannot remember what he was playing. Johnny Red came in third (beating me to third place by two lousy game points, grumble), playing his patented architects table control deck. I was playing my "No Pancakes!" deck, a Dragon deck where all the characters have independent, and uses events and states to push through. It did fairly well, and I'm overall pleased with my performance in that tournament.

The Modern tournament had ten players in it, and all six Modern factions were represented - that's always a good sign for the game. My deck totally betrayed me. I was playing a Lotus deck designed to pyramid on the Petal / Thorn designators, but I couldn't get it going, at all. It was very frustrating. Sean H and Tim L tied for the win. They had the exact same number of match and game points, so Daniel had to do some strength of schedule math to determine the overall winner (Tim L). I didn't actually play Tim, at all, during the tournament, so I don't know what he was running. I did play against Sean H's deck - it was built around Sensei Marrerro, and was very well tuned and could frequently launch two to three Sensei Marrerro attacks a turn.

The overall highlight for Origins for me is always our "casual / kooky" theme play. Before the convention we circulate an email around the players who we know will be there, and we all give each other an off-beat theme to build a deck around. The goal is to have the opposite end of tournament play - have decks that may not be well balanced at all, but fit a theme, and make you play with cards you wouldn't otherwise play with. I was playing Dangerous Academics, which was a Purist - Dragon build with all the non-scientist academics I could find: mathamagicians, the full-contact historian, etc. It was fun to play. Other decks included "Accessories to Murder," a riff on the most recent Kickstarter, "The Films of Quientin Tarrantino," "The Fast and the Furious," "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades," where all the characters in it had to be wearing sunglasses, "Dungeons and Dragons," as the sponsored theme of Origins this year was dragons, "A Night On The Town," and "Evil Brains Driving Tanks." We played about three or four rounds of the fun themes on the final night of the con, and it was a blast.

Origins has had steady growing number for Shadowfist over the past three years, so that's a pretty cool thing.
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Re: What were some highlights of recent conventions?

Postby Liu_Jian » Sun Aug 27, 2017 8:12 pm

Thanks for the writeup. The name of your Independent deck gave me a chuckle, and the idea of throwing in a theme for deck construction is great. We don't play enough but I feel like my group ends up playing the same decks often, mostly because we are lazy but also because play testing and fine tuning decks is quite the ordeal given that we meet once a month or every other month. Theme decks is a great idea to freshen things up a bit. I'll talk to the others about this.

CrazyCatTim wrote:
Fri Aug 25, 2017 6:28 am
The Modern tournament had ten players in it, and all six Modern factions were represented - that's always a good sign for the game.
This is great to hear. While I believe the general meta and game favor the Jammers and Dragons at the moment, especially in Modern format, I quite like where the game is at after Year of the Goat. With the next set comping up, it's come to the point that I am even going to sort my Ascended cards!
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Re: What were some highlights of recent conventions?

Postby Matt_Woolley » Mon Aug 28, 2017 1:50 pm

Yep - fun write up, and encouraging news about the growing membership. I love building theme decks, but get jaded by them if I play them too much. Think this is something thats relatively specific to me though, and its a bit of a paradox - ideally you want to make your deck to be predictable, so you can plan what to play wand when, but perhaps because we play weekly I need a bit of unpredictability in the decks to keep me interested. Makes them less effective (though also keeps your opponents on their toes), but fun to play.
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Re: What were some highlights of recent conventions?

Postby TimLinden » Fri Oct 20, 2017 3:07 pm


At Origins I was playing my Mola Ram deck (Lotus Thug speed). Worst draw ever against Durwyn's deck, which went off rather well. My deck was 34 ish cards, and I drew about half the deck and only 1 character in essentially a weenie rush type deck. Sigh. It actually played rather poorly most games, except the last one where it went off okay but hardly like it can. The deck is still 12-3 for its play record though.

For the Modern games I was playing my Spirit deck, which worked rather well given it is somewhat a combo weenie deck with not enough power generation toys. Makes lots of spirit tokens by blowing up spirit guides with the lot/mon card that gives you spirit tokens. Get an armies of the Monarch or two, and an earthbound warriors and it works rather scarily.

Tim Linden.

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