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Niagara - Toronto Playgroup

Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2016 7:58 am
by CrazyCatTim
I'm going to assume that virtually everybody who's a Shadowfist player in the Niagara - Hamilton - Toronto area has already been found by us, but, well, we did have one new player come out of the woodwork. But, just in case... There's an active playgroup in Southern Ontario that alternates between playing in St. Catharines and Toronto. We meet up once a month to play, and cycle through the variations of play. We are always looking for new players, or, if you happen to be passing through Niagara - Hamilton - Toronto, and are looking for a game, some of us are probably around.

This month's play is at 401 Games in Toronto, at 6.30p, and it's Classic format. All are welcome!