Playing Shadowfist online with LackeyCCG

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Playing Shadowfist online with LackeyCCG

Postby Hitlist » Sun Aug 28, 2016 4:50 am

So it turns out not many people know but you can still play Shadowfist using a universal card-game GUI called Lackey. There were instructions on the old Shadowfist site that went like this:
Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to play Shadowfist on Lackey CCG:

1) Go to LackeyCCG.
2) Download LackeyCCG for appropriate system.
3) Install LackeyCCG

4) Optional: get rid of "sample" game:
a. Open “plugins” folder within LackeyCCG installation
b. Delete War3000 directory

5) Run LackeyCCG
6) Goto Plugin tab
7) In "Paste AutoUpdate URL" field enter
8) Click "Install or Update from URL" button.

This should get you to the point where you can load the Shadowfist plugin.

9) To build a Shadowfist deck:
a. Go to “Deck Editor” tab
b. Double-click each card you would like to add to your deck
c. You may adjust the quantities of the cards you want by selecting the card in the top portion and hitting “+1,” “+3,” “+10,” “-1,” or “-ALL”
d. Cards in the deck are automatically arranged in order according to quantity and then alphabetical. If you adjust the quantity of a card in your deck, it will move up or down the list accordingly. Be careful when you make adjustments to ensure you have the card you want selected.
e. Choose a name for your deck and enter it in the “Deck name” field above the deck list.
f. Select “Save Deck.”

10) To select a deck to play:
a. Go to “Deck Editor” tab
b. Select “Open Recent” and your new deck will automatically load
c. If this is not the deck you want, select “Browse” and select your deck from the list
d. Select “Choose” or simply press enter
e. Underneath your deck list, select “Load entire deck to you”
f. You now have the deck shuffled and ready to play

11) To play a game:*
a. Select “Server” tab
b. Connect to server
c. There will be a list of games in progress
d. You may either host your own game or select a game and join it.
e. Go to the “Deck Editor” tab and load a deck.
f. You’re ready to play Shadowfist on Lackey!
* There's a little bit about configuring your user name in Preferences and optionally setting with Lackey with Skype ... 0#msg16040 if you'd like to first.

Those steps are the basics that should get you going.

NOTE: there will be an update to the hosted updatelist.txt to include ALL the modern files shortly.

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