Modern-format decklists

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Modern-format decklists

Postby Liu_Jian » Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:06 pm

Do you have a Modern-format deck you would like to share with the community?

Post it here!
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Re: Modern-format decklists

Postby Liu_Jian » Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:42 pm

Guiding Hand Power Theft (56 cards)

This is a Modern-format adaptation of my Maine 2016 championship tournament deck. The original, Classic-format deck relied on Railroad Workers and Tranquil Peaks to try to drop a Reformed Bandit on turn 1. I ran the probabilities at the time and I think that with aggressive discard I had close to a 1/3 chance of getting all 3 cards in hand. Without the Workers the deck is quite slower but you have a pretty good chance of dropping a Bandit on turn 2 nonetheless.

The deck works better in three-player games because the drawback of the Tranquil Peaks increases the more opponents you have. The deck has one major weakness however: its lack of punch-trough ability. The Classic version made heavy use of Willow Step but here it relies on Yanyuedao Blade, Hovercraft and Song of the Nightingale. Cards I"d love to incorporate are Amulet of the Turtle and Cat Stance, though the latter may be too Chi onerous for this specific build.

The deck is extremely vulnerable to Ancient Stone Arch, but you won't be giving Power away via Moebius Gardens because all the extra Power you generate is through Tranquil Peaks and Power Theft. No Violet Meditation or Confucian Stability make it somewhat of an unusual Guiding Hand build.


5 Tranquil Peaks
2 Underground Depots
2 Maze of Little Passages
1 Sea Turtle Cove
1 Hidden Sanctum
1 The Junkyard
1 Garden of Eternal Spring

4 Shaolin Supplicants
4 Confucian Initiate
4 White Crocus Society

2 Buddhist Gardener

5 Reformed Bandits
2 Iron Monkey


1 Kung Fu Masters

1 Chin Ken
2 Green Master
1 Huang Yi
1 Sifu Beumer
1 Li Po

2 Yanyuedao Blade
2 Hovercraft
2 Journey's Reward
2 Song of the Nightingale
2 Blade Palm
2 Into the Light
2 Iron and Silk
1 Chinese Connection
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Re: Modern-format decklists

Postby Matt_Woolley » Sun Nov 12, 2017 3:24 am

Dragons: Token Heroes (60 cards). Adapted slightly for Modern

The main thrust of the deck is to be slightly behind the victory curve (by playing non feng shui sites for example), ensuring that your quartermasters, heavens brigades, What Have I becomes and Ancestral River Homes are likely to trigger, otherwise it works well as a solid comeback deck. There are plenty of overlapping combinations in the deck (Ideally on any turn you might play a Heavens Brigade, turn an apprenticeship to gain 2 additional student tokens, sacrifice it to Band of Heroes to gain +2 Fighting, and then return the Heavens Brigade to play potentially gaining another two student tokens.) In practice not all of these combinations pan out, but even part of the combo works well - and none of these cards are terrible if played alone. Other tricks to play are Ejector Seat Malfunctioning your own Characters (Band of Heroes or Chun Qi Shuan), Combining the Blackboard or Junkyard Engineers with Angie Dao, and obviously ITAYG works nicely with the bruisers or Band of Heroes.

Its lower in feng shui than I would usually prefer, and the feng shui themselves need some tweaking I think. Additionally the Quartermasters are particularly ineffective in a 4 player game (but much better in duelling).

Feng Shui:
The Blackboard
Kowloon Gate
The Iron Palace
Ancestral River Home x 2
Sulphurous Cenote
Gao Family Banquet Hall
Feather Mountain
Remote Temple
Charnel Ground
Rainforest Bridge

2 x Dragons Hideout
2 x Grease Shack

5 x Junkyard Engineers
5 x Netherworld Tricksters

4 x Heavens Brigade
4 x Quartermasters

Angie Dao

4 x Band of Heroes
2 x Big Bruisers
Chun Qi Shuan
The Leong Broothers
Great Teacher Chow
Clueless Heroes

3 x Ejector Seat Malfunction
2 x Scrounging
2 x Dirk Wiselys Gambit
2 x Is that all you got
2 x Fortune Favors the Brave

3 x Apprenticeship
2 x What have I become?!
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Re: Modern-format decklists

Postby Matt_Woolley » Sat Dec 02, 2017 6:02 am

Ascended: Hidden Church (60 card)
The main deck combination is Church Archivist with Hidden Tombs. To make that work you need lots of power, which bull markets provide, but then you'll be wanting to steal that back with your Mentors and Thiefs. Its a fun and occasionally explosive deck, that will likely irritate the hell out of your opponents. It does have plenty of weaknesses. Beaumains, Great Walls, Flambards.

Feng Shui
4 Booby Trapped Tombs
4 City Centers
4 The Hidden Grottos
2 Tranquil Peaks
Bustling Metro Station

5 Corporate Informers
5 Recruits

3 x Cabinet Minister
4 x Thief in the Night
4 x Church Archivists

2 x Agent Neil North
Agent Provocateur
Mr X

Elle Mactans
Death Shadow
Commander Roger Keyes
Yanuario Garcia
Raven Li

2 x Op Kildeer
Operation Hidden Tiger
4 x Bull Market
Bite of the Jellyfish
Blood is Thicker than Water
2 x Advance Notice

4 x Shadowy Mentor

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