Australian National Championship Deck

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Australian National Championship Deck

Postby CamRock » Sun Dec 10, 2017 11:35 pm

Yesterday I won the Australian National Championship (classic final brawl) with the below deck. It was four rounds of timed 3 player games (first round 4 player) and a final un-timed (or should that be dis-timed?) 4 player game which was a long 4 hour slog.

I will be doing a full tournament report in the coming days.

There isn't a lot to this deck. It's a Sea Dragon deck. My main aim was to get as many cards into my smoked pile as possible to be ready to throw out a beefy Sea Dragon. I used Sunless Sea Ruins to increase my hand size while also having synergy with the Sea Dragons to give them mobility which meant I didn't really have to make the tough decision between attacking and intercepting (assuming there was no Superleap, I was luck no-one played Guiding Hand, but did have a Seven Masters deck in the final). I also used Lessons of the Fallen to keep drawing cards, which often gave me the card I needed after a character was smoked.

I made the decision to have as many uniquely named cards as possible aside from a couple of double ups on alt power gen, Feng, Sea Dragons and Lessons of the Fallem. This was risky considering I would only have one brain fire and the like, but luckily this wasn't a big issue for the games I played.

In the rounds I had two wins, one timeout win and one timeout loss. I made a play error in the Final which looked like I was out of contention for the win, but I was saved by a Netherworld Return played by another player that saw one of my Sea Dragons returned to play (but more on that in the full report).

Sunless Sea Dragons - 63 cards Total

Feng Shui Sites

4 x Sunless Sea Ruins
2 x Mirrored Lake
2 x Temple of Celestial Mercy
1 x Proving Ground
1 x Kowloon Gate
1 x Valley of Ashes

Foundation Characters

1 x Fire Ants
1 x Lance Corporal
1 x Fire Cadet
1 x Fire Dancer
1 x Skin and Darkness Bats
1 x Darkness Warriors
1 x Ice Healer
1 x Armorer
1 x Fire Acolytes
1 x Darkness Priestess
1 x Snow Seer

Non-Foundation Characters

5 x Sea Dragons
1 x Prelate of the Roaring Skies
1 x Ice Carvers
1 x Netherworld Librarian
1 x Butterfly Knight
1 x Flambards


3 x Lessons of the Fallen


2 x Ice Blessing
2 x Plots and Intrigues
2 x Blood Lust
1 x Pocket Demon
1 x Spirit in a Bottle
1 x Discerning Fire
1 x Far Seeing Rice Grains
1 x Stolen Thunder
1 x The Queen’s Wrath
1 x Brain Fire
1 x Earthbound Warriors
1 x Twin Thunders
1 x Winter’s Laugh
1 x Mark of Fire
1 x Shattering Fire
1 x Wrath of the Monarchs
1 x Deafening Thunder


1 x Fire Sled
1 x Thunder Gauntlet
1 x Consuming Darkness
1 x Whirlwind Transformation
1 x Butterfly Armor
1 x Amulet of the Turtle
1 x Six Demon Bag
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Re: Australian National Championship Deck

Postby Liu_Jian » Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:58 am

This convinced me to finally put together a modern-format Sea Dragon deck. YotG has many good cards to synergize with Sea Dragons, like Ancestral River Home. I am curious why you did not include any of the newest cards?

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Re: Australian National Championship Deck

Postby CamRock » Wed Dec 13, 2017 5:53 pm

Mostly lack of time to update the deck, it was built when Sea Dragons first came out. I would definitely swap in Aleut Herbalist and Shock Troops for fire ants and fire acolytes. Would definitely look at including frenzy and Honor and Glory.

I definitely think there is a lot of opportunity to make a modern Sea Dragons deck, but I really like how well Sunless Sea Ruins works in this deck.

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