Final Brawl (Constructed)

This is the standard deck format. You can have no more than five (5) cards that share a title (except for No Max cards) that are valid to put in a Shadowfist deck.

Comrades in Arms (Constructed)

Each deck must contain at least 23 cards that share a designator. The following words, when used as the card type, are not considered designators.

Edge, Event, Feng, Shui, Site, State.

For example: Feng Kan (Wind Demon) has the designator Feng whereas Rainforest Bridge (Feng Shui Site) does not.

Ritual of the Unnameable (Constructed)

Every card in each deck must begin with one of three chosen letters. (Ignore all punctuation and numbers not written as words.)

All cards beginning with articles such as "an" and "the" are considered to begin with the article's starting letter.

One Hundred Names (Constructed)

All decks may only contain one copy of any given card. This includes Foundation characters and Feng Shui Sites.

No exceptions are made for No Max cards.

Whirlpool of Blood (Draft)

This is the primary draft format. Players are given the same number and type of sealed packs. Players then open one pack at a time and select a card to keep for their pool. After selecting their card, the players pass the remainder of the pack to the next player. Card selection continues until the pack is exhausted and the next pack is begun likewise, with passing in the opposite direction.

The player then creates a standard deck (see Final Brawl) from this card pool. The player keeps all the cards from their pool.

Paradox Cube (Draft)

A "Cube" is created by the organizer from the pool of Modern cards (need link to the cube structure). These cards are built into 10 card packs. From these packs, a standard Whirlpool of Blood draft occurs. All cards are returned to the organizer at the end of the tournament.

See how to set up the cube