The Basic Rulebook

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Included in the boxed set, Combat in Kowloon, this PDF covers the basic rules of play for Shadowfist.

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The Comprehensive Rulebook

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This comprehensive rulebook contains all the rules and assorted minutae for Shadowfist.

The current version is 1.0.5 uploaded 01-30-2015

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Card Errata

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Shadowfist follows the concept that a card does what it says it does. If the card is printed again with slightly different abilities or play costs, the older one is still valid. At times, the card is strong enough to warrant errata. On the newer version it will have a (two within circle).

Other times, a card is deemed too strong, too weak, or there is confusion on how to interpret the card. In all these cases, errata can be issued.

The current version is dated 05/11/2016.

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Banned and Restricted Lists

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Depending on the format you are playing, the card pool may be limited to certain cards. (For example, Modern tournaments only allow cards from Combat in Kowloon to the present.)

With that in mind, no specific cards are banned or restricted from Shadowfist tournament play with the following exceptions.

  • The card Burned for Victory explicitly states that you cannot include it in your play deck.
  • The Token Characters, as mentioned in the Comprehensive Rulebook, are not legal cards for your deck.
  • The various rules cards and counting cards have a standard card back, but no playable information on them.

Is THAT All You Got? - Formats

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Shadowfist has four basic formats for tournament play. The first consideration is whether the game will be Modern (the pool of cards is from Combat in Kowloon forward) or Classic (all printed cards are available).

The second consideration is whether it is Constructed or Draft. In Constructed play, players bring a pre-built deck of cards. In Draft play, players build their deck from a pool of cards which is drafted before the game (either from booster packs, or from a draft cube).

There are other, more esoteric, formats which have been created through the years.

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